Why has Gradhire been developed?

Why has Gradhire been developed?

There are many graduate recruitment tools available so why are so many graduates entering the wrong role every year?

Gradhire has been developed to effectively match graduate talent with employer needs.  It is estimated that currently 30% of graduates (c150,000) commence their career down the wrong path every year. This is disappointing not only because graduates have invested many years into their studies but more importantly because their talent is not effectively being fully utilised.  With employers spending on average in excess of £3,000 to recruit a graduate (excluding any training and development costs) this represents a significant cost to business. Additionally, the indirect cost can be even greater with business performance being compromised and recruitment plans disrupted.

So why is this occurring?  
In our opinion, traditional graduate recruitment methods and processes are flawed for 3 principle reasons: 

1. Although graduates are heavily targeted through a variety of advertising methods, the odds of the most suitable graduates seeing or responding to a specific recruitment campaign are extremely low.
2. Graduates are often unsure what career path they wish to take, and therefore do not always apply for positions that they would be ideally suited for.
3. Even where suitable graduates do apply for a role, they are often overlooked due to employers making an assessment purely based on a faceless CV or application form, often pre-screened via automated algorithm systems. 

Gradhire addresses these issues by turning graduate recruitment on its head.  Employers are no longer forced to advertise roles and subsequently sift through faceless CVs or applications resulting in wasted time interviewing inappropriate candidates. Graduates no longer need to scroll through adverts looking for suitable opportunities and hoping to get a response to their applications.

Available online and through the app, Gradhire offers graduates the opportunity to create their online CV profile, outlining the types of roles and locations they are seeking and, uniquely, answering a series of video interview questions that probe their motivations and strengths.

Employers then search for graduates seeking internships or career opportunities that match their opportunity and can really get behind the graduate's profile to assess both their hard and soft skills and what makes them tick. When they identify their ideal graduate(s) they simply invite them to review their job opportunity as well as targeted videos about their company and vacancy.

When a graduate is interested in an opportunity they simply accept the invitation which in turn makes their contact details available to the company in order to progress further. If the graduate is not interested, then they provide the reason hence providing the employer with useful feedback. 

Through moving the assessment of suitability away from the graduate and into the hands of the employer, Gradhire significantly reduces the historic risks of mismatching. Employers are also now able to assess more graduates online and effectively conduct a virtual first round interview before committing to a face to face meeting. It will also open up opportunities to graduates that they may never have even considered. Finally, the platform also provides welcome transparency to the recruitment process and opens the graduate talent market up to be accessible by all types and sizes of businesses.

In summary, Gradhire is a very effective solution to a very significant issue in graduate recruitment.